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About me

My name is Karl Magnus Heuer and I am an assistant professor (tenure track) for Discrete Mathematics at DTU, the Technical University of Denmark. More precisely, I am a member of the AlgoLoG (Algorithms, Logic and Graphs) section within DTU Compute, the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

Before this assistant professorship, I had three postdoctoral research positions:

  • a brief postdoc in the discrete mathematics group of Prof. Dr. Diestel in the department of mathematics at the University of Hamburg.
  • a postdoc in the group of Prof. Dr. Kreutzer working in his ERC project ‘DISTRUCT’ about structural digraph theory at the Institute of Software Engineering and Theoretical Computer Science of the Technical University of Berlin in Germany.
  • a postdoctoral research fellowship, awarded by the GAES (German Academic Exchange Service), to visit Prof. Dr. Thomassen in the AlgoLoG section at DTU.

I obtained my Dr. rer. nat. (equivalent to a PhD) in Mathematics with a focus on Graph Theory under supervision of Prof. Dr. Diestel at the University of Hamburg in June 2018.

Research interests

My main research interest lies in Graph Theory, more precisely in

  • Directed Graph Theory
    • Connectivity in directed graphs
    • Directed cycles and cuts
    • Feedback (arc) sets and dijoins
    • Packing and covering
    • Directed infinite graphs
  • Structural Graph Theory
    • Analysis of width parameters and possible duality theorems
    • Tangles, including applications to Data Science
  • Infinite Graph Theory
    • Topological infinite graph theory
    • Ubiquity
    • Analysis of the (infinite) cycle and cut space
    • Force (possibly infinite) substructures, such as minors or subgraphs

Additionally, I am interested in connections to:

  • Matroid Theory
    • The Even Dicircuit Problem in Oriented Matroids
    • Geodesic circuits

Beside mathematical research, I am also interested in Mathematical Education.